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On the banks of the yellow river, a prophecy of doom is proclaimed. Should nothing be done, the village will face a difficult winter, unless they conduct a human sacrifice. To prevent this, a group of villagers are tasked by the Oracle to gather several tributes, all of which are parts from the world-creating giant Pán-gǔ...

"The Land of Pán-gǔ" is a 5e-compatible module meant for 4 to 6 players + 1 GM. This adventure may be completed in about 6 to 8 hours, making it the perfect one or two-shot ttRPG to introduce those new to the genre.

Special Features

  • Unique setting
    • With limited technology comes limited options. Will your stone age skills be sufficient for the mission, or will you innovate to survive?
  • Balanced for Level 0
    • Too many choices at level 1? Use our homebrewed rules to create a level 0 character. Concentrate on a handful of skills until you are comfortable to choose.
  • Pre-generated player characters
    • Don't have time to create your own character? Skip straight to the adventure by picking one of six pre-generated villagers to role-play. Or use them as references to create your own villager.

Bonus: Care Package add-on!

If you love this adventure or just want to give us more support, consider picking up the Itch.io exclusive "Care Package" to make setting up your game easier and faster. The package includes:

  • 2 battle maps, BnW or colored
  • 10 Tokens
  • 8 Item cards
  • Level 0 character creation guide and simplified character sheet
  • 2-pages GM screen sheet (Stats for checks, DCs, monster, and more!)

Book 2: Dreams of Nu-wa, now available!

Want to continue your adventure in Neolithic Mythical China? Check out what happens when the village next to yours gets cursed and turns into mud!


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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